Questions ALL home sellers have.

Thinking about selling your home? Sweet! Here are the most common home seller questions I receive along with some helpful ways to get your home sold.

Where do I start?

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. You found your realtor, Matt Salit. First step, we get your home ready to show. Once we have decluttered and opened up that floor space, we are ready. We’ve determind a good price to list your home and done all the necessary paperwork. After my professional photographer comes in and shoots, we are ready to list and market.

How much is my home worth?

The best way to figure that out is by a CMA (comparative market analysis). A free and quick way of finding out your homes value happily offered for free by any realtor. Including me.(Sell it with Salit) 

How accurate are zillow etc. home evaluations?

People tell me all the time, my zestimate is worth this. Although zillow, refin, trulia, and all those other home search sites give you a range, I wouldn’t take it to the bank. I have seen all of them much higher and lower then what homes actually sell then appraise for. Ask your realtor about a CMA.

What are the realtor fees?

Generally speaking the realtors fees range from 5-6% of the final sale price for the home. Realtors fees are paid by the sellers, and that 5-6% is split among both agents. Keep in mind that all the photography, marketing, time, paper, and everything else. Is all out of your realtors pocket. If they don’t sell the home, they don’t get paid.

How are you going to sell my home?

There are several social media, mail out programs, and marketing tools I use to get my listings sold. In order to receive top dollar for your home it needs to be priced fairly, and showing at it’s absolute best. Over pricing your home can lead to a lot of days on market (DOM) making your listing become stale. Professional photography on all marketing campaigns draws lots of eyes on your property. It’s a numbers game, more eyes, more traffic at your open houses and showings, higher chance of obtaining an offer.

Should I stay home for the showings?

Negative, sorry to tell you to leave your house… But ya. A good vibe is a must to sell a house. Let potential buyers have some space in what could be, their new home. The goal is to get potential buyers to feel comfortable and spend a good amount of time in the house.

My neighbors house is priced at… Why shouldn’t I?

Sellers all the time tell me that they wan’t to price their home at a certain number because that’s what their neighbors house is priced at. Generally speaking it’s way to high and the neighbors house has been on market for 8 months. My job is to get your house sold. Just because you list at a number, doesn’t mean its going to sell. Don’t hurt your listing by over pricing your home.

What happens after I receive an offer?

Wohoo! After an offer is accepted, escrow is entered usually that or the next business day. The agents will set up a home and termite inspection while the buyers lender also will set up an appraisal. After that is all done and taken care of and everybody is in agreement with terms, you wait for the loan to fund and then… CLOSE!

Are you thinking of selling your home? For any additional questions or a free evaluation fill out the contact form below.


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