Reasons why a #Realtor can be good for your #rental needs. #SimiValleyRentals

The rental market, the equivalent of throwing a chunk of meat into a pool full of piranha’s. Quick, competitive… That’s all I got without making it too gory.

Anyways, why not utilize all the help you can get to make yourself a stronger candidate? Especially if you don’t have to pay a dime. That’s right, the listing side (landlord) pays commissions to both sides. Say whaaat? You can have a Realtor for free? Ya man. You can.

Realtors have a large data base of inventory that we monitor and wean out potential homes for you, as well as knowing all the terms/conditions or any disclosures related to the property you may need to know. Like whether it was previously a meth lab or something.

Realtors can also get viewing access to homes themselves. This is super chill cause now you’re not waiting on Sally who manages 93 properties, but she’s on vacation anyways, and now you’re missing out on clutch time to see the home while everyone else gets in the house with their Realtor. Turning in an application before other people even get to view the home can be the difference in you being stoked or not stoked. A Realtor will get that done for you.

Having an agent in your corner will stream line you ahead of several other potential applicants. With an agent doing all the leg work for you, the process is not only more efficient, but you know everything you’re signing and agreeing to. Having an informative agent that can communicate the process, things you will need, and terms of the lease, will help you hit the ground running and looking like a strong candidate.

Most importantly, a Realtor will help set you up on the path to becoming a home owner. With my knowledge of available loan and first time buyer programs, I’m seeing more and more renters turn to owners. Are you next?

Thinking of renting? Or buying? Or Selling? Holla.

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